How to knit christmas balls Julekuler


The word Julekuler is Norwegian and, translated into English, it means Christmas ball. The popular knitting designers Arne & Carlos made the knitted Christmas tree balls with the traditional Norwegian patterns popular in Europe, North America and even Asia with their first book Julekuler – Knitted Christmas Balls. The great thing is that everyone who wants to knit the atmospheric Julekuler Christmas balls will find free basic knitting instructions and 24 different patterns designed by Arne & Carlos at Schachenmayr. If you still haven’t had enough, you can even create your own pattern with the Julekuler designer.

How to knit christmas balls
How to knit Christmas balls by Arne & Carlos


How to knit christmas balls "Jodekuler"
How to knit christmas balls “Jodekuler”

You should already have a little knitting experience if you want to knit the pretty Christmas balls. They are worked in the round with double pointed needles size 3 to 3.5 mm.


You need wool in two different colors. We have traditionally used Schachenmayr Origianals Wool 125 in nature und cherry as indicated in the manual. Gray/White is also a nice combination. There are no limits to creativity.

Julekuler - Weihnachtskugeln strickenUsing the fairisle technique, the pattern is worked into the second wool color. The thread that is not being processed runs loosely inside the ball behind the knitted stitches.

Julekuler - Weihnachtskugeln stricken

Knitted Chrismas balls as an advent calendar

How to knit christmas balls "Jodekuler"
Christmas balls as advent calendar

24 different patterns for 24 balls. There is the idea of equipping a constructive Advent calendar with Julekuler. Now you’re wondering what is a constructive Advent calendar? The answer is quite simple:

Most advent calendars, whether bought or made by yourself, empty every day. After 24 days it is then looted. The constructive Advent calendar, on the other hand, is empty at the beginning of the Advent and is filled with one object every day. On Christmas Eve it is complete and shines in all its glory. A beautiful fir branch or a thick branch from the forest, which is securely hung on a hook on the ceiling or in the living room window, is suitable as the basis for this advent calendar shape.

Julekuler at the Christmas tree

How to knit christmas balls "Jodekuler"
Knitted Christmas ball at the christmas tree

The knitted Christmas tree balls stand out very nicely in front of the green of the Christmas tree.  You do not have to go into mass production tight away. The balls gib you pleasure if you knit more balls over and over again, so that you have exchanged all glass balls for knitted Christmas balls after a period of time specified bei you.

By the way: outside of Christmas time the wollen balls are much easier to store, because at most moths can attack them. So don’t forget to put lavender bags or cedar rings in between.

Julekuler for friends

There are certainly many Advent uses for the knitted Christmas balls. We would like to mention one more thing: How about bringing your girlfriend a Julekuler as a souvenir to enjoy a cozy Advent coffee? That’s sure to go down well.

Julekuler for cats

During the photo shoots we had a visit from Lilli, the kitten of our holiday home rental company. She also had fun with the Julekulers.


The instructions for the Julekuler can be found on the Internet. The Schachenmayr booklet cannot be bought. We got it as a present at our meeting with Arne & Carlos


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Julekuler - Weihnachtskugeln stricken

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