Tutorial: Christmas star sewing pattern

It was the star that showed the shepherd the way to the crib with the Jesus child. Yes, the star – it is absolutely  Christmas time. We have been making stars of straw and many other materials. Why not even sew Christmas stars? In combination with the Christmas tree, the window or even the turquoise can be decoratively decorated. We will show you how to cut a christmas star sewing pattern and then sew stars – even from fabric residues.

Christmas star sewing pattern for a star with five tips

  • paper
  • 1 circle or a plate
  • 1 Geodreieck
  • 1 pencil
  • 1 paper scissors (please do not use the cloth scissors!)

Use the circle or the plate to draw a circle on your paper. We have used a subscriber. Set the center of the circle.

Christmas star sewing pattern – draw a circle
draw a circle e.g. with a plate

Draw any point on the circle. Place the Geodreieck on your circle so that the zero point of the long Geodreieck page lies exactly in the center of the circle. Shift it so that your point is on the circle line at level 72 of the Geodreieck.
christmas star sewing pattern

Now draw a new point at the intersection of the long triangle side and the circle line. Continue until you have drawn a total of five points on the circle.


Number each point in the clockwise direction. Take the Geodreieck and connect point 1 with point 3, point 3 with 5, 5 with 2, 2 with 4 and 4 with 1.
Weihnachtssterne nähen - Schnitt zeichnen

So you created your pattern for the star. You just have to cut it out.

Sew the Christmas stars

You need

  • Fabric, also fabric residues of appropriate size
  • 1 marking pen
  • 1 sewing machine
  • Sewing thread in matching color
  • 1 sewing needle
  • 1 cloth scissors
  • Filling wool

So you can sew the Christmas stars

Put two pieces of fabric on right to right. Draw the star on the left side of one of the fabric parts with the star cut pattern and a marking pen.

Christmas star sewing pattern
Draw the outline on the fabric

Place the two fabric pieces on top of each other with pins so that the needles are inside the star and do not obstruct you during sewing.

Place a seam over the star mark with the sewing machine. Start in the middle of a line leading to the top. Work to the top. There you leave the needle in the fabric, raise the presser foot, turn the fabric in the right direction, and press the presser foot again. Continue working until the next change of direction. Then, as described, the fabric is again rotated. The seam ends when you are halfway from the last peak to the transition to the first peak.


Weihnachtssterne nähen - Wendeöffnung


This gap, which has arisen in the seam, is your turning opening. Remember to lock the beginning and the end of the seam.

After sewing, the star is cut out with a close-up of 0.3 cm. We’ve tried it, if you cut before sewing, the sewing of the lace is much more difficult. Now cut small creases at the transition from tip to tip, otherwise the fabric will distort when turning.

Weihnachtssterne nähen - Knipse an Übergängen

And cut back the near-endings at the top as far as possible, so that there is no thick knuckle.

Now turn your star on the right. To get the stars in shape, use a pin and carefully pull the fabric on the right piece by piece.

Weihnachtssterne nähen - Stern wenden

With a little filling wool the star is padded.
Weihnachtssterne nähen - mit Füllwatte polstern

You close the turning opening by hand with a ladder stitch.

The first star is finished.

Decoration examples for christmas star sewing pattern

Sew christmas stars diy decoration
Sewing christmas stars
Sewing christmas stars
Sewing christmas stars

as window decoration
as window decoration

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