Tutorial: Christmas stocking made of paper

The Adventszeit is a hristmasozy time. It is early dark and sparkling candles provide for homey mood. You can meet with friends. Small souvenirs, a few nuts, homemade biscuits or other small things delight the host. Especially when they are nicely packaged. A christmas stocking made of paper is made quickly and a perfect gift wrapping.

This is needed for the christmas stocking made of paper

  • Packing paper
  • scissor
  • Pink shears
  • sewing machine
  • Colored yarn
  • glue

This is how the christmas stocking are made from kraft paper

  1. Draw a christmas stocking of the desired size twice on your wrapping paper. Cut out both boot parts with plenty of close-up detail.
  2. Now decorate both parts with the sewing machine. Use all decorative stitches. You can also sew free shapes. Experiment with different yarn colors.
  3. Lege beide Teile so übereinander, dass die schönen Seiten nach außen zeigen und nähe rundherum mit einem Zickzackstich beide Teile zusammen. Oben bleibt zum Befüllen einen Öffnung.
  4. Die Nahtzugabe wird dekorativ mit der Zackenschere zurückgeschnitten. Zum Aufhängen wird aus Packpapier einen Schlaufe genäht, die von oben im Stiefel festgeklebt wird.
Christmas stocking made of paper DIY
Christmas stocking made of paper

We found the instructions in the book Christmas with love handmade. The BLV publishing house has allowed us to introduce the guide to the sneaker boots from sack paper on sockshype.

To the book Weihnachten mit Liebe handgemachtNikolausstiefel aus Packpapier - Buch Weihnachten mit Liebe handgemacht


Decorate, give, surprise, cook in the kitchen – in the Advent, creative time is finally announced. House and garden are decorated with great enthusiasm, gifts are decorated and the kitchen smells of homemade biscuits. The authors Hanna Erhorn and Clara Moring create new ideas with their book “Weihnachten – mit Liebe handgemacht” (BLV book publishing).


The 60 projects combine traditional techniques with modern materials and colors to create sophisticated window decorations, alternative Christmas trees, turquoise and other winter favorites. Recipes for magic wand cakespops, Swedish Christmas treats and angels’ clouds to give away or even snacking have also devised the authors.

Nikolausstiefel aus Packpapier

Hanna Charlotte Erhorn is a graduate text designer and a professional hobbyist from passion. She works as a freelance interior stylist for various magazines and has specialized in photostreets from the fields of manual work and do-it-yourself. She is also author of handcraft and D.I.Y books and has a small studio for digital fabric designs.


Clara Moring is an interior stylist and blogger. She lives for her passion and produces in kitchen and workshop, with computer and camera.

Together, the authors publish the projects of their creative ideas factory in magazines, books and on their website.

Weihnachten mit Liebe handgemacht

Basteln – Backen – Dekorieren


Hanna Erhorn, Clara Moring

144 pages, 92 color photos, 13 drawings
19.3 x 24.6 cm,
ISBN 978-3-8354-1301-6
Price € 19.99


We thank the BLV-Verlag for providing the pictures.

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Nikolausstiefel aus Packpapier

Anleitung: Nikolausstiefel aus Packpapier