Tutorial: Felt slippers knitting pattern

Gemacht mit Liebe und Wolle: Filzpantoffeln stricken
Gemacht mit Liebe und Wolle: Filzpantoffeln stricken

Felt slippers knitting is easy. Whoever once carried them would not want to miss them any more. Felt slippers not only keep your feet warm, but also give a feeling of barefoot running.

After a busy day, everyone is happy to take off the shoes and walk barefoot. This is ok in summer. But already the first autumn days let us then again to house shoes. A great alternative are self-knitted felt slippers. By the material of thick felted wool they warm the feet more than simple socks. When walking, the feet can roll off as with barefoot running and they are slip-resistant on the sole.

Thick wool wool, which can be felt well, and knitting needles of size 8 ensure that it does not take long before they are finished knitted. They are then placed in the washing machine and felted at 40 ° C. After the wash, they have to be pulled into shape, dried and painted with a sock stopper – a latex milk.


The following instructions provide information on felt slippers knit size 40. From the table at the end of the article, you can see the values for other sizes.

This is what you need for felt slippers of size 40:

  • 200 g of felt wool (50 m / 50 g, 10 × 10 cm mesh: 12 stitches x 18 rows)
  • 4 needles of thickness 8
  • 1 needle with big eye
  • sock stop

Instructions for felt slippers of size 40:

Take up 32 stitches on a needle of the needle game. Then knit a row of left stitches, then alternately a row of right and left stitches. In this way a total of 33 rows are produced.

Tutorial: Felt slippers knitting pattern

In the 34th row, the stitches are distributed to four needles of the needle game, each with 8 stitches. From here for the front part of the felting machine is knitted in rounds with right stitches.

Tutorial: Felt slippers knitting pattern

Before you close the needles to the round, an additional stitch is inserted.

Tutorial: Felt slippers knitting pattern

Now knit in rounds. After 29 laps, start with the top.

Tutorial: Felt slippers knitting pattern

Seen from the shoe opening, I mean my left needle on the front with needle 1. Number 2 is on the back. Then follow the number 3 on the back and the number 4 on the right front.

On needle 1, knit 5 stitches. The third and last butt stitch knit you together. The last stitch is again a right sts. On needle 2 a stitch is knitted on the right. The next one is lifted. Stitch 3 is knitted on the right and the stitch is lifted over loop 3. The remaining stitches on needle 2 are worked on the right. Needle 3 is knitted like needle 1, needle 4 is needle 2. The next round follows in right stitch without removal. From now on, each row is removed as described above until there are only 2 stitches on each needle.

Now pull the thread through the remaining stitches. Fold the felt shoes longitudinally and close the rivet seam with a thread of the felt wool. The stitches should not be so firm, otherwise the seam may be distorted during washing. The second felt shoe is knitted in the same way.

Tutorial: Felt slippers knitting pattern

After the threads are sewn, the felt shoes are washed in the washing machine. Use a normal detergent (no wool detergent or fabric softener). Because friction is important for felting, you should wash the shoes along with some coarse garments such as jeans or similar. Please select a program with 40 ° C (no short program). If after the washing are still individual stitches recognizable, simply once again wash.

Before drying, always pull the shoes into shape. A trick: the still damp shoes streak over the feet.

Tutorial: Felt slippers knitting pattern
Before and after wash

To avoid slipping on the felt slippers, you should paint a pattern with a latex milk (sock stop) on the underside of the dry felt pads. The latex milk pattern has yet another advantage. It prevents rapid wear. From experience, I give the tip, just under the bale does not save with latex milk. Here the wear is greatest.

Tutorial: Felt slippers knitting pattern

With the pattern, you can let your creativity run wild. Funny see feet, suns, clouds, etc.

If you want to knit the felt slippers in a different size. Here you will find the necessary information.

Size chart for felt slippers knitting pattern
Size chart for felt slippers

Have fun with re-knitting.


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